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What Clients are Saying

"This therapy is in a class of its own. I recommend it to others for consideration to find the missing links or rehab."

Kim K.

"Simone is the best provider I've ever worked with. She is able to pinpoint where the dysfunctions are that are causing pain in your body. She's cheerful, and only wants the best for you. I call her a miracle worker!"


"Simone's work feels so unique -- it is unlike any other I've experienced and it works! She is my go-to resource when various body parts ache and she is able to figure out how to resolve the underlying issue rather than just masking the pain. With her help, my body feels so much better."

Christy G.

"I've been working on back issues for a long time and nothing has really provided a complete solution. Simone investigated until she found the source - a scar from an injury when I was only 7 years old!!!"


"No one else had been able to help reduce my pain levels. Then I met Simone. She has an endless curiosity and determined approach to untangling the puzzle that is your body."


"This is life-changing bodywork and Simone is a life-changing practitioner."


"Simone's philosophy of "test, don't guess" shows the rigor, care, and thoroughness in everything she does. Even just one session with her knocked my pain levels down. She's a true healer!"


"Simone is amazing. I had thought that I would spend the rest of my life with back pain. After one visit I noticed a tremendous relief of my low back pain. Simone's ability to test and retrain muscle groups is life changing. I now enjoy life without low back pain."


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