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Neurology-based bodywork might be a great fit for you if...

Back pain
You are in pain. You want to get out of pain and stay out of pain!

Whether you are suffering from an acute injury, chronic pain or you simply can't seem to shake that old injury - symptoms are typically reduced within the first session. I see clients who have tried every traditional and alternative method of treatment without full resolution of their symptoms. Chances are that no one has looked at the role that the nervous system plays in the dysfunction. And yet it is often the key player. Resetting the nervous system will yield massive benefits. 

marathon runners
You are suffering from a sports injury

You love your sport and you love to stay active but sometimes nagging injuries can throw you off your game. Pushing through is NOT the answer as it will often only exacerbate the situation. 

Whether you're a runner, a tennis player, a lifter, a cross fitter or a team sports player, I can help you clear the dysfunctions and make sure you own the movement you need for your sport. 

Surgery scar, c-section scar
You have had surgery in the past

Surgery - while often a necessary form of treatment - also represents major trauma to the body. Scars (no matter how 'pretty' they healed) tend to hold a lot of neurological dysfunction with far-reaching effects throughout the body. If you have had a c-section it is almost guaranteed that your core will be affected. It doesn't matter how old or how small a scar is  (laparoscopic scars are just as dysfunctional as big scars); if not cleared, the neurological effects will persist indefinitely and can throw off whole muscle groups. 

Active senior woman
You want to stay healthy and active

Over time all of us accumulate a history of injuries. It's called life. You'd think that if we got injured we'd heal and recover, but sometimes that's just not the case. Our bodies retain some dysfunction from each of our injuries and over time pain and stiffness can creep in and keep us from doing the things that we love to do. Neurology-based bodywork can help to make sure that all of your joints are balanced, the pain levels are in check, and your overall well-being is restored. 

musician, violinist, pain from playing an instrument
You are a gifted musician but lately practicing has been painful

No matter which instrument you play, each one involves a very special body posture and set of repetitive movements. This often leads to overuse injuries and pain, making it hard to practice. I find a lot of vibration dysfunctions in musicians. Key muscles (wrist/finger and postural muscles) tend to be switched off and other structures have taken over. Clearing those dysfunctions will help you play at your full potential - and pain free! 

stressed business woman, brain fog, anxiety, can't focus
There is SO much that you need to get done but you have a hard time focusing 

Sometimes literally everything can seem overwhelming. Stress levels are running high and anxiety might creep in. I have several different ways of approaching this scenario. Often, clients with this presentation are stuck in a 'monotasking' dysfunction, meaning that their nervous system can't handle many simultaneous tasks before getting overwhelmed and shutting down (normal is 5 - 7) . Other times, up-regulated nerve endings around the head, face, and neck area (sensory receptors that constantly send too much feedback to your brain) can contribute to brain fog. Amino Neuro Frequency therapy is another treatment approach with excellent results.  

youth athlete, soccer playe, lacrosse player, football player, baseball, tennis
You are a youth athlete with tons of talent and you want to stay injury-free

You have found a sport that you love and that you excel at. You are training at a high intensity because you want to get even better. Frequent practice and games are taking a toll on your body. Small injuries have started to creep in. In order to train optimally, your brain and nervous system need to be ready to use all the muscles you need for your sport. Sometimes, these muscles can be shut off by previous injuries. Come see me to get your body assessed and corrected to make sure to are training hard AND smart. 

ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
You (or your child) suffer from ADHD, OCD, anxiety or hypersensitivity

The Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex ®  technique (P-DTR) looks at a multitude of things that can negatively affect your nervous system (e.g. sensory receptors, food or chemical intolerance, etc.). Down-regulating dysfunctional nerve endings can go a long way to improving symptoms/focus. P-DTR is a very gentle, non-invasive, and painless method.

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