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What sets Eastside Bodywork apart?

Have you tried everything else but you're still in pain?

At Eastside Bodywork I do things a little differently. By integrating neurology-based bodywork techniques such as P-DTR, NeuroKinetic Therapy and others with movement therapy or PSYCH-K® Mindset Coaching I am looking for the WHY behind a dysfunction. My goal is to find the problem, not just treat your symptoms.


While most other bodywork modalities focus on muscles, fascia, tendons, or ligaments which can be considered the 'hardware' of the body, I investigate how well of a job your brain and nervous system (i.e. your body's 'software') are actually doing at controlling all of the above. I look at your neurological health. 


An old injury, trauma, or surgery can leave neurological dysfunction behind, long after the actual tissues have healed. To 'run' a functional, healthy body your brain relies on correct sensory information from nerve endings all over your body.  If for any reason that sensory feedback gets distorted, the brain reacts with dysfunction (musculoskeletal pain, limited range of motion, gastrointestinal presentations, functional hormonal disturbances, and even emotional or mental complaints such as brain fog or coordination problems).

Figuring out your body's compensation patterns and correcting the faulty input will typically normalize the output right away - pain is reduced and range of motion is restored. The effects are immediate, restorative, and long-lasting, and are achieved without use of drugs or invasive procedures. 

 My goal is to give you lasting relief by finding and treating the cause, not just the symptoms!

Here are some of the benefits of manual neurotherapy at Eastside Bodywork:

  • It can reduce or end acute pain in as little as a single session

  • It treats the problem rather than the symptoms

  • It helps you to optimize your athletic performance

  • It increases range of motion, strength, and stamina

  • It maximizes your balance and stability throughout the body

  • It can help to resolve problems you thought you’d “just have to live with”

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