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Chronic Pain

Mindbody Therapies

A new perspective on how to recover from chronic pain and other persistent symptoms

Pain coaching is a relatively new category.

Our medical world is still strongly hung up on the outdated biomedical model of pain, i.e., treating pain where it hurts with expensive procedures, physical approaches, or strong medication. If this approach worked, we would see the number of people in chronic pain going down. Sadly, the opposite is true. Today, more than 50 million American adults suffer from chronic pain. And the numbers are rising.

The exciting news is that pain is being extensively studied to become better understood, and there has been a major shift over the last decades in how we now view pain: The scientific research clearly shows that the majority of chronic pain has NO underlying structural cause, meaning, the pain is often not caused by physical problems in the body.


Instead, most forms of chronic pain are based on a sensitized nervous system, learned neural pathways in the brain, and the misfiring of pain circuits. This is also referred to as primary chronic pain or neuroplastic pain. In simple terms: your brain is making a mistake. And that is great news, because this mistake can be fixed by retraining your brain!


And I'll teach you how.

In weekly coaching sessions (either online or in person), we use Pain Reprocessing Therapy, Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy, and other somatic and mindfulness-based techniques to help you re-wire your neural pathways and regulate your nervous system.

Pain Preprocessing Therapy (PRT) is being extensively studied by leading pain neuroscientists, pain psychologists, and modern pain physicians with amazing results (check out the published Boulder Back Pain Study).

When you focus on retraining your brain with this evidence-based and scientifically proven method, there are a lot of things that can help you dial down and eventually get rid of your pain. 

Mind-Body Coaching helps you to:

  • Learn how our pain system works, why chronic pain develops, and what keeps it alive and often worsening over time.

  • Understand the mind-body connection and how EVERYTHING matters when it comes to pain.

  • Collect evidence of how much your brain and the state of your nervous system affect how much pain you experience.

  • Learn how to interrupt the pain-fear cycle.

  • Learn how to safely re-introduce movement, even when it’s painful.

  • Regain a sense of hope and joy.

  • Acquire the skills to increase feelings of safety, lightness, and positive sensations and calm your nervous system.

  • Apply an individual step-by-step approach to gradually move you out of pain!

  • Leave the program with a toolkit for relapse prevention. So you'll know exactly what to do should you ever get pain again. 

  • Get back to doing the things you love and have missed out on for way too long!




For more information about the Mind-Body Coaching program I offer, please visit or email me at

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