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Understand and correct your body's dysfunctional movement patterns

NeuroKinetic Therapy®, or NKT for short, is an active care approach where you become the driver of your own healing journey. While most traditional bodywork modalities just focus on soft tissues such as muscles, fascia, tendons, or ligaments they often ignore the fact that all of our tissues are controlled by our brain and the central nervous system. 


NKT gets to the root cause of the  problem which often lies in the motor control center of the brain.  


I use manual muscle testing to assess your neuromuscular functioning and movement coordination. My goal with that isn't to test your muscle strength but rather to see whether your brain can actually 'find and use' a specific muscle when needed for a movement. Very often, our muscles  get switched off by injuries, trauma, or surgical scars and the body starts compensating by using different muscles that weren't actually meant to do the job. Down the road, these compensating muscles can become painful.


Using NKT I find dysfunctional movement patterns and correct them where they originate - in the motor control center of the brain. Once a correction has been made during your appointment, the new pattern needs to be reinforced through repetition to make sure a new neural pathway is created. To achieve this, I'll send you home with self care recommendations which usually consist of 1-2 simple but effective  pairs of exercises. This is very important to get lasting results and to not only get you out of pain, but to KEEP you out of pain!

NKT is an excellent choice for athletes who want to get a better understanding of their body's compensation patterns used during their sport. It helps them to effectively self-correct and prevent the recurrence of pain. 


A brief description 
by Jocelyn Olivier, Founder of NeuroMuscular Reprogramming

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