My favorite self care tools 

(The recommendations are based on my personal experience and preferences. And, no, I don't make any money from these recommendations, so please feel free to shop around for better deals. I just used Amazon as a convenient reference)

Kinesiology Tape

This tape works great to tape over the ANF discs to make sure they stay on, especially if you are a very active person. 

It can, of course, also be used for kinesio taping purposes. 


Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls

I recommend Jill Miller's therapy balls to almost every client I see. They are fantastic to release tight muscles all over your body. I love their grippy rubbery material which makes them easier to work with than tennis balls. Most of them come in pairs in a handy mesh bag which allows you to roll out along your spine or your shins. They come in different sizes. The Alpha ball is bigger in size and great for the glutes. The regular 2.5 inch balls can be used pretty much anywhere on the body.  The Coregous ball is great for diaphragm release. Prices vary according to size.

I love my Thera Cane! It is great for releasing tight areas all over the body, but personally my favorite use is for those spots in the upper traps and between the shoulder blades. Very easy to apply pressure and it feels SO good!!!

Another one of my favorites for those hard to reach tight areas on the back: the Thumbby is a soft cone made out of silicone. The best thing about it, you can simply stick it on a wall or door at the height you need it and lean into the spot that bothers you. Heavenly! Plus, it's small enough to take it with you wherever you go. 

Silicone Cups for Massage Cupping

Massage cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine where silicone cups are placed on the skin to create vacuum suction for increased blood flow, reduced inflammation, and improved lymphatic drainage. It works with negative pressure but gives the same results as (and added benefits of) deep tissue massage.


I use these cups during treatment but also at home as part of my self care regimen under the shower. They are GREAT for scar work, too. 


They are available from different manufacturers, just make sure you choose silicone (not glass) cups so you can squeeze them nicely and get some good suction going. 


The Archxerciser works very well for strengthening the foot musculature and is worth looking into if you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis or sore feet. Plus, it's fun to use it. 

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